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Starting from loading to unloading and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit, we take nothing to chance.


Indonesia, our beloved and beautiful maritime country, is located in South East Asia between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The country, consists of 76% water and only 24% of land, has a coastline of 54,720 kilometers, which makes it the largest archipelago in the world. Local and foreign investors are attracted to invest and manufacture various products due to its geographically-strategic location, in addition to its fertile and abundant natural resources. Since these investors are producing goods that are heavy, low-price per unit, and in large quantities, the cost-effective way of transporting non-perishable industrial goods and plantation produce from one island to the other is through ship.

With you, our valued customers, in mind, we made it our mission to provide you with the best cost in distributing your products to your customers. The most cost-effective is the use of sea transportation which we are passionate about. We believe that if you can distribute your products with the best cost, you will be able to make your company more productive. Together, we can contribute in increasing Indonesia’s economic growth.

We will provide you with peace of mind in shipping your products safely, in a flexible and fastest way, through our one-stop-service package.

Our passion is to provide you with the best service that will create a good impact on the environment through the distribution of your products, which will lead to a better Indonesia.

Our customer’s need is our utmost priority. We thank you for your support and trust in our company.

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General Cargo

General Cargo we carry consist of: Coil, Cement, Fertilizer, Ship Plate, Palm Kernel, General cargo, Rice

Liquid Cargo

Liquid Cargo we carry consist of: CPO, CPKO, High Speed Diesel, Marine Diesel Oil & Kerosine.

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