PT Indo Shipping Operator

PT Indo Shipping Operator, a private Indonesia shipping company, established on 19 November 2010. With the founder Mr. Wardono Asnim and Mr Poniman Asnim. With the passion in Shipping Business, Loving the Indonesia maritime and long experiences in ship engineering and ship building – wood and steel ship, we want to expand our business by establishing PT INDO SHIPPING OPERARTOR with the mission to  connect all islands of Indonesia and be part of logistic/distribution of Products all over Indonesia and also next level to become global shipping company. We can do all this because of the support and opportunity of all our customers and suppliers and great teams.

Company’s Vision

Our Company Vision is to become the Outstanding Shipping Company in Indonesia utilizing well maintain ship and best human resources and best technology to do our shipping / logistic services.

Company’s Mission

  1. Connected all Indonesia Island and help industries distribute their cargo peaceful by one stop service concept.
  2. We would raise many young generation leaders through our company.
  3. Be the impact in the community through our work culture and ethics.
  4. We would raise many great ship engineer through our work.
  5. We would continuously train our seaman to become the best and raise their standard and skill and can be recognized globally.

Our Company Values

PT Indo Shipping Operator have below value that is as DNA in our company community

  1. Love (everyone in our team love what they do and have passion in becoming their best version of them self within our company)
  2. Contribution (everyone should contribute – because we believe if we contribute more we are the one be blessed)
  3. Growth (we ensure whoever join our company will feel they are growing along their Journey and we continuously equip our team to become next future leaders)
  4. Teamwork (Since shipping is a teamwork, we believe together can achieve more and we each have different talent to complete each other so that we can serve our customer and our community better)
  5. Intelligent (we value Intelligent and expertise in our team)
  6. Integrity (Without integrity everything is meaningless, being trustworthy internally and extenally is highly appreciated)
  7. Fun and Joy (We ensure whoever with our team and connection with customer and supplier is based on fun and joy and they can feel the warmth of our culture)
  8. Flexibility (with flexibility we make everything become possible)
  9. Family (we consider everyone in our company is our one family)

Our Partners

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